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The Concept of Madness from Homer to Byzantium Maniftation and Aspects of Mental Illness and Disorder,ed.Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou

Preface ; Maria Gerolemou,Madness of the Tragic Stage of the 5th century BC.From Homeric to Tragic Madness ; Lydie Bodiou-Véronique Mehl,Quand le corps déraisonne dans l´Antiquitè grecque;Sarah Francis,Rationalising the Irrational:Two Uses of Madness in Ancient Greek Philosophy ; George Kazantzidis,Madness In New Comedy and Hellenistic Poetry ; Philippe Charlier-Clarisse Pretre,Alcoholism in Antiquity:from Repression to Therapy ; Philippe Charlier-Luc Brun,First Description of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?;Hèléne Perdicoyianni-Paleologou,Manifestations et aspects de la folie chez les historiens grecs,romains et judéens de langue grecque;Emily McDermott,`Furor´as Failed `Pietas´:Roman Poetic Constructions of Madness through the Time of Virgil;Magdalena Kozluk,Folie et mélancolie:un débat dans l´histoire;Svetla Slaveva-Griffin,Neoplatonic Views on Madness and Madness;John Petruccione,Madness in Ante-Nicene Christianity:The Portrayal of the Persecutor in the Martyr Acts and Related Literature;Margaret Trenchard-Smith,Sea-Sickness,Shipwreck and the Heretical storm:Saint Basil of Caesarea on Dissent,the Passions and Madness;Wendy Mayer,Madness in the Works of John Chrysostom:A Snapshot from Late Antiquity;William McCarthy,`xx and Nestorious´Misconception of the Unity of Natures in Christ according to Cyril of Alexandria;Caroline Mecé-Thomas Wauters,`Les mots et la chose´:Quelques réflexions sur le vocabulaire de la folie chez Maxime le Cofesseur et Jean Damascéne;Index of Terms;Index of Greek tems ; Index of Latin Terms ;Index of Names;Index of Theonyms

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