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Homosexuality and  Liminality in the Gilgames and Samuel

Preface ; Abbrevieted titles ; Abbreviations ; Foreword ; (External characteristics of Ackerman) ;Too narrow a focus and bibliographical lacuanae.Present-day coceptions of Homosexuality and the problem of liminality ; (Gilgame^s and Enkidu) ; Evidence,motly lexical,for their amorous feelings and dame-sex status via-á-vis each other.The Semitic rhetoric of `brotherhood´ qua vehicle for love.That the equality of condition of Gilame^s and Enkidu in their love dalings subverts the normal Mesopotamian hierarchical dichotomy in masculine twosomes ; but this stance is not very sturdy.Of liminality and Turner.Limitations of the liminal view:it does a poor job of accounting for the traits given to both heroes, and oftentimes turns out to be more confunsinf than illuminating.Of how litle moment is liminality at work:Ekindu qua assinnu,the final revelation by Siduri /Üta-napi^sti not the crowing of the rites-of-passage,^Sahat and I^star only seemingly liminal beings ; (David and Jonathan) ; Preliminary considerations ; Bibliographical discourse . The `historical´ David.Defects in Ackerman´s discussion of the elegy.The covenants between Jonathan and David ; probably a relationship lord /vassal enforced by the son of Saul.Johathan neither feminised vis-á-vis David nor really his inferior.Both men qua liminal beings ; the feminisation(¡)of Jonathan a tool for explainig that he was never to become king and an excuse fro David´s having bedded him despite the Law.What is at stake in the condemnation of Homosexuality in the Leviticus ; how it  rebukes Ackerman´s theory of the `sexual apolegitics´In 1 Sam ; (Attempt at conclusion) , Gilgame^s /Enkidu and David / Jonathan more likely than not to have been pairs of lovers.Ackerman´s gaps.Of two models she does not take into account : in the case fo Jonathan and Davidl,Is there suvservience,reciprocity or homosocial desire?.My educated guess about their love , Appendix I:Split psyche-nefe^s ; Appendix II : The Bow eley ;Appendix III:Horus and Seth in the Pepi I speli ; Indices

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