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A new Repetory on Conjectures on Aeschylus

Although the last of the seven Aeschylean plays in the most recent editions, this fascicle is the first one to be published. The intention of the volume is to provide the scientific community with a new repertory of conjectures of the Prometheus  Bound, which not only includes,corrected and integrated,the materials available in the previous collections(Weckl.1885 + 1893 a,Dawe 1965 and West 1990 b 399 f.),but also draws attention to futher emendations to Aeschylus ´text,as proposed in the last decades.Therefore,if,on the one hand,the users of this work will notice an obvious debt to earlier scholars like Wecklein ,Dawe and West ,they will, on the other hand,find certain innovations , including among others:

a)the results of a complete review of the printing tradition from the Aldine edition to the late 18th century,which allowed us to discover or backdate numerous conjectures on the text of the poet;

b)the finding (wherever possible)and the systematic re-check of each author quoted by previous repertories;most of all,the research into the exact source material of Wecklein was very laborious and nearly infinite(because he only mentioned the name of the scholar to whom we owe a certain conjecture).As a result we could correct and integrate various data and also arrange our material in chronological order(a criterion not always followed by Wecklein);

c)reporting old or recent conjectures not yet recorded by any repertory;

d)reporting those manuscripts(not always recentiores)which already have readings supposed ope ingenii as conjectures(until proof to the contrary)by some editors beginning from the 16th century:I was able to discover these coincidences during my research into the manuscript tradition of the ´Prometheus for a  new edition of tragedy.

 In the frequent case where an emendation seems to have been proposed independently by two or more scholars(e.g.the name of Blaydes-whom we always quoted with the exact source,in contrast to Dawe-is omnipresent), we recorded the different names in chronological order.On the other hand, in most cases we omitted explicit acceptances of someone else´s conjectures,in order to avoid an excessive size of th repertory.Each source was quoted in the abbreviated form of name plus year(the explanations are in the bibliography),with the reference page where necessary or useful;but the users will find only the name mentioned in the unequivocal cases of the most famous editors between the 16TH and 18TH century.When I was not able-despite my research attempts-to trace the exact source of Wecklein(and sometimes of Dawe and West),I put and asterisk(*)after the name.Moreover, I chose to include ad abundantiam those conjectures on the Prometheus´scholia quoted by Wecklein too,even if the emendations on scholiastic material were not updated to the 20th century.

In conclusion , I would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to Vittorio Citti, who has promoted, outlined and actively coordinated.first at

University of Trento and then in the international team working on a new Aeschylus´edition under the patronage of the Accademia dei  Lincei

the purpose of a new repertory of conjectures on the ´creator of tragedy` from the Renaissance to the present day.Many thanks are due also to a number of persons:Claudia Casali for her great efforts in inspectin

from the Aldine to the late


century;Roger D.Dawe for following our initiative with interest, for his helpful suggestions and for allowing us to use the inestimable fruits of his research;all those who contribute in different ways to reviewing 16







and studying various editions and

adversaria critica



century editions and commentaries,namely Anna Maria Galistu (Tournebus),Maria Cecilia Angioni(Robortello),Chiara Vergnano and Luigia  Businarolo(Vettori-Stephanus),Paolo Tavonatti (Portus),Gisella Franzosi(Canter),Elena Barzoi and Chiara Tedeschi(Stanley,Jacob,Pearson);Annalaura Tola,Chiara Viola Marotta,Elisa Miatello,Guilia Vettori,Christian Scarpari, Paolo Tavonatti,Daria Francobandiera and Stefano Amendola,who took upon themselves te drudgery of typing the material of Wecklein and Dawe; Antonella Candio,who spent many months reviewing the Aeschylean bibliography in the

>Federico Boschetti,without whose technical support the publication of the


would not have been possible;Claudio Bevegni,Maria Pia Pattoni and Bernhard Zimmermann for their suggestions and their support,Brigitte Marcolla-Robert and Sarah Wales for carefully revising my English.


i and Paolo Mastandrea for accepting the repertory in the series

> ,and to the institutions which have made possible the elaboration and the publication of the

:namely the municipal administration of Rovereto for financing(in honour of the late Mario Untersteiner)the collection and re-arrangement of the 16


Last but not least, grateful thanks are due to the editors,Guido Avezz

,Vittorio Cit


* For futher information on this project see V.Citti,Introduzione ai lavori del Convegno internazionale di studio Per Eschilo,QUCC3(2008)11-16

** Acronym NAE n.MTKD-CT-2004-510136:see Citti´s paper quoted above(n.1)

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