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Xenophon's Hellenika a commentary volume 1:Hell.i.1.1-ii.2.24 D.H.Kelly James McDonald from a posthumous manuscript

Preface ; Foreword ; Contents ; List of maps ; List of table and figures ; Abbreviations ; Introduction ; I.Purpose ; II.Problems in the Hellenika ; III. Structure,method,and style ; IV.The life of Xenophon ;V.Xenophon and his contemporaries ;VI.Xenopho´s reputation in antiquity ;VII.The manuscripts and the text ;Commentary on Xenophon´s Hellenika ; 1 Alkibiades in the Hellespont ; 2.The Ionian Campaign ; 3.Kalkhedon and Byzantion ; 4.Kyro´s arrival and Alkibiades´return ; 5.Lysdandros,Notion,and Alkibiades´demise ;6.Kallidratidas and Arginousai ;7.The trial of the Aginsousai Strategoi ; 1.1.Lysandros and Aigospotamoi ; 1.2.The capitulation of Athens ; Appendix A.:Ancient sites in the Hellenika ;Appendix B.:Individuals and groups in the Hellenika ;Appendix C:Precise indications of time ;Appendix D.:Alkibiades´Last days ; Appendix E:Freeing the slaves after Arginousai ;Select bibliography ; Editions of Xenophon´s Hellenika and other Works ;Selected books,monographs and articles ; Dissertations ;Indices ;General index ;Index locorum ; Maps

ISSN 1381-2955 ISBN 978-90-256-1344-0 ,2019,  408 pag. euro 80.-

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