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Diplomacy of the Letter and the Cross Photios,Bulgaria and the Papacy 860s-880s

Abbreviations ; Transliteration of Proper Names and Titles ; Introduction ; Chapter I ; Photios:A Scholar Turned Patriarch ; 1.Origin,Formative Years and Early Career of Photios ; 2.A Tentative Portrait of the Intellectual Photios ; 2.A Tentative Portrait of the Intellectual Photios ; 3.Photios´Election as Patriarch.Beginning of Conflict with Rome ; Chapter II ; IMPERIAL Diplomacy Re-Defined:The Missonary Enterprises of Patriarch Photios ; 1.Resurgence of the Missionary Activities fo Constantinople under Photios ; 2.Byzantium and the Making of ``New Constantines´´from Adult Catechumenate to Political Propaganda ; 3.Photios´Letter to Boris of Bulgaria:the Education of a `` Constantine´´; a/Instruction in Ecclesiastical History and Dogma ; b/Intruction in Rulership ; c/Reception of Photios´Letter at the Bulgarian Court ;Chapter III ; POPE Nicholas I,Bulgaria and the Restatement of Roman Universalism ; 1.Nicholas I:The Pope as Monarch of the Christian Universe ; 2. Bulgaria´s Reversal to the West ; 3.The Papal Responsa ad Consulta Bulgarorum:Code of Life in a Christian Society ; Chapter IV THE Bulgarian Question And The Opening of the East-West Doctrinal Controversy ; 1.The Papal Mission in Bulgaria and Photios:The Schism of 867 ; 2.Pope Hadrian II:a Continuator of Nicholas´Work?;3.The Deposed Photios:an Exile and an Éminence gris ; Chapter V Failed Re-Union:Byzantine-Papal Relations in the 870s and 880s ; 1.Bulgaria:a Thorny Issue in Pope John VIII´s Policy of Seeking Rappochement with the East ; 2.The `` Council of Union´´(879-880) and its Aftermath ; 3.Constantinople,Rome and the Emancipation of Slavonic Liturgy ; Conclusion ; Sources ; Bibliography ; Index

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Classical Philology,Byzantium and Ancient History


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